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Attention to detail

Our reputation for providing high-quality services and excellent customer support is a direct outcome of the dedication, focus, and attention to detail displayed by all of our team members. This is exemplified by Daniel as he carries out a fuel system repair on this Cirrus.

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What do you need in 2024?

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Cirrus Flap Circuit Card

Rebuilt Flap Circuit Card

Cirrus Flap Control Circuit Card, CCA 12017-002, PCB 11524-002 available. Ready to replace the defective card in your SR22, purchase requires parts exchange with your old unit. Details or to contact us:

It takes a team

Many hands make light work. Your aircraft will enjoy the highest quality of work from our team, for the best customer experience, whatever the job.


Cole is a critical member of our team and is committed to maintaining our high quality and customer satisfaction standards.


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We like twins.

John always has his hands on somebodies engine, whether singles or a twin as here with this Lycoming on this twin Piper.🛩

Add a little protection

A nifty tool to protect the base of your spinner and the paint on the front of your engine cowling. We use them regularly, and they are available to you, too.

24″ on a side these slide in behind your spinner and feature the FWA logo, phone number, and a scannable QR code link to our website.

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Pre-Buy Inspection

Get a Pre-buy inspection before buying a used airplane.

When you are considering purchasing a pre-owned aircraft let us give it a thorough inspection so you can buy with confidence.🛩 A pre-buy inspection examines the aircraft for damage and wear that might not be evident to an untrained eye and to identify maintenance problems that might arise in the future.

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More Than Cirrus And Diamond

We’re not only Cirrus and Diamond fans, as John and Cecil turn their attention to this Vashon Ranger.